Articles & Notes — August 17, 2011 at 8:41 am

Farewell, “Indio”…

Just stumbled on a shocking news – son of legendary actor Anthony Quinn – Francesco died while on the walk with his son. Reportedly, it was a heart attack that killed the 48 year old actor.

Quinn starred in a number of memorable films (never reaching his father though), but I remember him from Antonio Margheriti’s jungle action flick “Indio”, where Quinn played the part of Daniel Morrell, a half-Indian ex-Marine who fights alone to save the rainforest against a mega corporation that is trying to destroy it.

Interesting though, when I was younger, the first time I saw “Indio”, I always though it was Olivier Gruner, instead of Francesco Quinn –  they looked quite similar to me. Later, thanks to IMDB, I finally realized it wasn’t Gruner.

Sadly, Quinn joins those (Amy Winehouse, John Dye, Jeff Conaway, Bubba Smith, and others) who left the entertainment world and us, fans, too soon.

The worst thing is, according to the news I read, Quinn died suddenly, right in front of his little son. This is something you probably wouldn’t wish to your worst enemy. R.I.P.

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