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Film directors protest at Iran’s embassy in Sweden

rasoulof-iranA group of international film directors staged a protest outside Iran’s embassy in Stockholm against that government’s censorship of Iranian film maker Mohammad Rasoulof, AP reported.

Around 20 directors, including Sean Gullette of the US and Sweden’s Tarik Saleh, stood blindfolded outside the Iranian embassy Tuesday, after learning that Iranian authorities have confiscated Rasoulof’s passport, prohibiting him from traveling to the Stockholm Film Festival.

The blindfolds were a reference to a scene in Rasoulof’s latest film, “Manuscripts Don’t Burn,” that will be screened at the festival.

Rasoulof’s films are banned in Iran, where he has been accused of “making propaganda” against the ruling system.

The chairman of the festival jury, Kristian Petri, said the directors wanted to “show that it is unacceptable to prevent filmmakers, artists and journalists from performing their work.”

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