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Films that age well – an obvious choice?

Year by year, new movies are being made, released, distributed, and watched. Some, get outdated, others can still make an impact even today, although shot 20-25 years before. I’ve talked to people, and most of them agree, that they prefer films that age well, “except for cult classics”.

Now, we should point out that it heavily depends on the film’s genre. For example, sci-fi movies age very very fast. Not all of them but 9 of 10 do.

Horror movies are somewhere in between. As for comedy, thrillers and action movies, those age really good – try re-watching “Home Alone” again, and very few things actually alarm you that the film was made back in 1990.

And this is where the “so-bad-its-good” phrase comes in. Sometimes, when you watch an outdated movie, even if it looks awful (for example typical 80s soundtrack, or 70s computers), it makes you smile, and the watching experience doesn’t seem so awful anymore.

Ah, well, it all depends on your taste. I vividly remember when I was still in university, one girl in my class asked me to bring her something interesting to watch. I asked, if she seen Kubrick’s “Shining”. She said no, and I brought her the DVD.

The next day, when she returned it to me (to be correct – shoved it down my hands), I heard every possible negative thing (including the one about the film being too old), that a viewer with very little intellect could say about a movie (note: “Shining” surely isn’t the worst movie ever made!), and in the end she added, that I don’t have taste it movies.

Although, “Shining” is not really one of those movies that age bad, it still was a bad viewing experience for her. What did i reply? Nothing much, I just said that “I do have taste in films, pretty much like everyone else. The thing is that every taste is different, and mine is probably too mixed up.”

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