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First ever Ukrainian “monster” 3D movie to be released in January (details, trailer)

Ukraine is making its first ever 3D “monster” movie, which will reportedly be available to the public in January. The film is titled “Synevir”.

The story of the film takes place in USSR, in the late 70s. According to the legend, there’s a mystical Synevir lake in the Carpathian mountains of Ukraine, where a strange “creature with dog’s head and human body” lives.

The Western sources say the youth picks this place on purpose, disregarding the stories of strange creatures around the famous lake.

The Ukrainian sources state it a bit different: Since in the 70s, it was hard for the teens to get some privacy, they had to pick little-known places, where they could be alone. The heroes of the film accidentally pick this place.

“Synevir”, aside from the “bigfoot”, also promises to show some other “creatures”. Some sources claim those “creatures” would be ghost children, some forest monsters, and the “chupacabra” itself.

The release date if the film has been postponed several times, however the latest known date of Synevir’s release is January, according to film’s directors Alexander Aleshechkin, and Vyacheslav Aleshechkin.

The “inQ” production studio worked on the film, which has been shot on Canon 550D (ukr sources).

Some sources say the “monster” was especially brought to Ukraine from Russia, while according to others, it was made in the “FXProLab” effects and animation studio.

“None of the characters is aware that the “Pesigolovets” monster lives near the lake, who lures its victims into the forest to kill them,” said Alexander Aleshechkin, revealing some details about the monster.

He also said that the crew re-created the exact atmosphere of the 70s USSR, something that has gone forever.

“We tried to get away from the modern approach to horror movies, as for example with the cellphones that you see in almost every horror movie. And of course as soon as something starts happening, these cellphones never work, this is really naive,” Aleshechkin noted.

The film’s budget is around $800,000 according to some Ukrainian sources, as most of the funds were gathered from private investors. The crew got established from cinema professionals and locals.

“I got the idea of making such film some 20 years ago, when I was reading my daughter the national tales about the Pesigolovets monster. No one talked about the chupacabra at the time,” Vyacheslav Aleshechkin noted.

When the script was completed, Alexander and Vyacheslav proposed the Russian “Strana” studio cooperation regarding the film, but they were given a condition – to change Pesigolovets monster to Bigfoot, and change the scenery from Carpathian mountains to Ural. They refused to change the characters of Ukrainian folklore, and the deal was never made.

With “Synevir”, Alexander and Vyacheslav plan to attract tourists to Carpathian mountains.

The film is yet to be released, and the filmmakers reportedly already have a sequel in plans. Thus far, we have a Russian-language trailer available for viewing, and you can check it out below.


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  1. I belive they screened the movie in us on some festival this year and are trying luck to sell it foreign without any luck so far. Hope to see this out on dvd with english subtitles some day. The creature looks uber cool.

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