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Former wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts takes on acting

jake-the-snake-robertsA few days ago, the representative for former professional wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts told TMZ that the 57-year old wrestler has decided to start a new life…of acting.

According to Roberts’ representative – he recently started taking acting classes, however has not yet signed an agent. The rep added that Roberts has already been part in an independent film, without revealing any details.

In his prime, Jake “The Snake” Roberts was a joy to watch. He often brought snakes into the ring, most famously a python named Damien.

Roberts is best known for his two stints in the World Wrestling Federation—the first between 1986–92, and the second between 1996-97.

Throughout his career he was known for his intense and cerebral promos, his dark charisma, his extensive use of psychology in his matches, and has been credited as inventor of the DDT maneuver.

Roberts battled the best WWF (World Wrestling Federation) had to offer at that time, including Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Randy Savage and the Undertaker.

Roberts was also one of the subjects of the 1999 documentary film Beyond the Mat. In 2012, Roberts moved in with fellow wrestler Diamond Dallas Page to seek help in getting his life back on track from years of alcohol and drug abuse.

Since joining Diamond Dallas Page’s Yoga program, Roberts underwent a fantastic transformation over the past 8-9 months, and now seems to be ready for new heights.

Despite the fact that Roberts is way beyond his prime, the Yoga program seems to be helping, and it would be nice to see him act in a film – he was acting in the wrestling ring after all.

And yes, we immediately thought of Roberts getting a part in “Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies 2”, if it gets made.

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