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Gerard Depardieu plans to attract Hollywood stars to his film project in Azerbaijan

French actor Gerard Depardieu reportedly said that he’s still sticking to the idea of making a documentary film about French writer Alexander Dumas’ visit to Azerbaijan, according to online information radio USA WNWI (1080 AM).

Not only that, he also plans to attract famous Hollywood and European actors to this project.

Last year, Depardieu visited Azerbaijani capital of Baku. Among the usual things that he did here (such as visiting Icheri Sheher, meeting country’s officials, etc), he also noted that he plans to shoot a film in Azerbaijan about French writer Alexander Dumas’ visit to Caucasus.

Back then, Depardieu noted that he would like to play Dumas himself.

“I’ve already started looking for famous Hollywood and European actors to make this idea of mine come true,” Depardieu said.

“I already started searching for documents and historical materials about Dumas’ visit in Nagorno Karabakh (autonomous Azerbaijani republic) upon invitation from a well-known Azerbaijani poet Natavan (daughter of Karabakh Khan).”

Depardieu added that this would be his “gift to Azerbaijan”.

Aside from the above mentioned documentary, Depardieu also plans to throw some of his energy at Azerbaijani cinema.

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