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Gina Carano: the fighter, the actress, the next big thing

So, I finally went through something everyone were talking about – “Haywire” with Gina Carano, a retired female MMA fighter, and a bunch of A-list stars (Douglas, Banderas, McGregor, Tatum), and the feelings are mixed, to be honest.

The fighter
After “Haywire” was released, Carano was invited to the Conan O’Brien show, where she talked about lots of things, and how she got into martial arts. Turns out, thanks to her ex-boyfriend, a pro muai thai fighter, we now have the Gina Carano that we know. The star of “Haywire” has retired from Mixed Martial Arts, with a 7-1-0 record, and her kickboxing record stands at 12-1-1.

The actress
I first noticed Carano in a very brief role in “Blood and Bone” with Michael Jai White back in 2010, where she had only a couple of scenes. Recently, Carano is all over the media for appearing as the lead in Stephen Soderbergh’s “Haywire” with such A-list stars as Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, Ewan McGregor, and also Channing Tatum, Bill Paxton and Michael Fassbender.

The film itself surprise me, but for all the wrong reasons. I remember seeing all these short news and articles online about how great this movie was, with lots of action, lots of martial arts, and so on… Well, it wasn’t even close.

The film turned out to be mostly a spy thriller with some martial arts scenes thrown in there (in most of them, Carano gets attacked by males first!), and there’s not even that much of action going on. Anyway, since this is not a review for “Haywire”, in short – I was disappointed with “Haywire”.

The next big thing
Yes, the next big thing, because despite the fact that “Haywire” wasn’t all that good, Carano was good, and I believe she will get better if she sticks to movies. As almost every other “Carano-Haywire article” on the net says – Carano is real, and therefore the fights look good – it is indeed so.

Carano has something Cynthia Rothrock (whom I adore) never had – a chance to play in the playoffs, without going through the regular season. Carano got a chance to start off with a Hollywood movie, as the lead, with A-list heavyweights in supporting cast.

I can agree with what others are saying – Carano could become an action star, “Hollywood’s Wonder Woman”, if you wish.

She’s beautiful, she’s a real fighter, has the necessary looks, charisma, and with the right “vehicles”, she can surely surpass Rothrock, whom I personally consider a legend.

Haywire sucked because Carano needs an action packed martial arts movie to triumph, not a spy thriller. However, in this particular case “Haywire” definitely opened a lot more doors for Carano.

I hope she sticks around, and will pleasure us fans with not only heroic roles, but with bad-ass villainous parts as well.

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  1. The problem with Cynthia Rothrock is, she can’t act whatsoever. And when she started she wasn’t that young and she never was hot. I don’t think any woman who is not young, not hot and not talented(at acting) can made it to a big movies. But as we all know, being just hot and young can help you make it!

  2. F – pray Cynthia doesn’t read you comment 🙂 lol

  3. Let her read. Quoting ‘Barney Ross’ ‘Bullet goes faster than blade’ and certainly faster than a kick 🙂

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