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Glenn Berggoetz’ new film script causes interest from Kane Hodder, Terry Gilliam

berggoetz-mirrorIndependent filmmaker Glenn Berggoetz, who is famous for his “”The Worst Movie EVER!” film, that set the all-time box office record for the worst opening weekend in film history, has recently completed a new film script, as he told BZFilm.

“We have already teamed up with a publicist to continue to spread the word about the script to interest other big hitters in it,” Berggoetz said.

The script titled “Conclave” is a scathing satire of the papacy that is being compared to films like Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” and the Mel Brooks classic “Blazing Saddles”.

It should be noted that the script has already drawn attention of Monty Python legend Terry Gilliam’s
camp, former Michael Jackson publicist Michael Levine, and actor Kane Hodder, who is being considered for a small role in the film.

Currently, Berggoetz’ dark comedy “The Ghosts of Johnson Woods” is in post-production stage now, and it is scheduled for the 2014 release.  The film reportedly has already received interest from distributors who want to continue the run of Berggoetz films that have received theatrical releases.

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