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Independent Indian filmmaker: 80s Bollywood format doesn’t work anymore

bollywoodWhile a lot of movie lovers still associate “indian movies” with those that were shot some 20 years ago, today’s filmmakers from India do not share this opinion.

Independent Indian filmmaker director Ashim Ahluwalia recently said at the Dubai International Film Festival discussion panel that the old 1980’s Bollywood format of movies doesn’t work anymore.

“The audience wants more realism. Bollywood has moved away from the old style of filmmaking,” Ahluwalia said.

He also noted that the concept of the Indian New Wave has been over-hyped and doesn’t reflect the current situation in Indian cinema.

“Clubbing new Indian films together under the New Wave banner could confuse audiences as Indian cinema had no common aesthetics,” he said, addingf that the term “new wave”  is convenient for festival programmers but discouraging for filmmakers as it discredits individuality.

Ahluwalia noted that the studios of Bollywood are still very powerful, and are not willing to back edgy or risky projects giving rise to the ‘new hybrid films’, which are neither independent nor Bollywood.

He noted, that Indian studios are not ready for international co-productions as they interfere with studios’ distribution plans.

In an interview to Reuters back in October, Ahluwalia said that in Bollywood, everything is talked about in box-office terms.

“It’s a very old, hundred-year-old system and it’s evolved in this monolithic, singular style of functioning. It’s just a matter of time,” he said.

Ahluwalia said that every time “a film is made, there are 50 kids who get inspired, and it gives a younger generation of film-makers an option”.

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