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Indian Commando: move over, Schwarzenegger (VIDEO)

vidyut-jamwal-commando“Commando – The War Within” – is not even on IMDB yet.

However, one promo video has been making waves since last year, as it showcases some unbelievable high-octane action from India.

Vidyut Jamwal, who plays “the commando” is a model, turned actor. The man looks like a mix between Michael Jai White and Jeff Speakman, and fights like Jet Li and Tony Jaa combined.

Jamwal is also a trained gymnast, and has developed his own unique style which is an amalgamation of Kalari, gymnastics, Kung Fu, weapon usage and jiu-jitsu.

He’s been studying martial arts extensively from the age of 3, according to Times of India.

“Commando – the War Within” (in the promo – Commando – A One Man Army), Jamwal is playing a pecial-ops secret agent of the Indian Armed Services.

There’s also a girl on the run, whom he (supposedly) falls for later, and in the center of all this we have tons of jaw-dropping fights, and it does look impressive, to say the least.

Below is the promo. At the beginning of it, a warning reads, “The stunts performed by Vidyut Jamwal have been executed without the use of any cables and computer graphics, except for the dive in the valley. Please do not try this at home.”

The action sequences shown in the trailer are unlike anything Indian audiences have ever seen —hand-to-hand combat, depth jumps, mid-air splits and somersaults, flip punches and impact attacks, all done by Jamwal himself.

Plus to that, we have Pooja Chopra – who was Miss India of 2009, meaning Jamwal will have someone really beautiful to fight for.

Thus far, like already mentioned before, the film is not yet listed on IMDB, however numerous online sources claim the film is set for March 2013 release.

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