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Iran opens it’s first digital TV-channel, plans to open another for English broadcasting

Iran’s  iFilm TV-channel will soon be broadcasting in English language in the near future, Head of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Ezzatollah Zarghami said live on IRINN TV-channel.

Zarghami made the remarks during the opening of Iran’s first digital TV-channel “Nomayesh” (Display). He added that Iranian movies and TV-dramas will be shown on the English iFilm channel either dubbed or with subtitles.

Previously, Iran had iFilm only broadcasting in Arabic language. iFilm is an Iranian TV-channel, which presents programs in Arabic and Persian languages.

The channel was launched in Iran on August 11, 2010. The original purpose of the channel is to present Iranian films and serials to the Arabian world.

Presenting Iranian films at world festivals, on satellite and cable channels or for home entertainment, has returned positive results over the recent years. It has also served to familiarize global audiences with the works, thus providing the grounds for the growth of the industry.

The 300 million strong Arab speaking societies around the globe form the audience for the network. iFilm presents TV dramas produced in Iran to the Arab World and in particular, the Middle East region.

Currenly there are 14 TV-channels broadcasting all over Iran, and 34 channels broadcasting only in Iranian provinces.

Iran broadcasts daily news for 1-2 hours in 24 languages. The languages include English, Russian, Turkish, German, Arabic and Italian. Aside from that, such channels as “Al-Alam” and “Press TV” work 24 hours a day, broadcasting in Arabic and English.

In total, Iranian television broadcasts programs in over 25 languages, among which are Chinese, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Japanese, Albanian, Indonesian, Hebrew, Georgian, Turkmen, Tajik, Uzbek and others.

Earlier, Iranian news sources reported that “Nomayesh” (Display) digital TV-channel was opened, first in the country. The channel will broadcast local and foreign movies and tv-series.

The broadcasting will be in Farsi, and foreign programs will be provided with Farsi subtitles. In October of 2011, the digital broadcasting was successfully tested, and recently, “Nomayesh” digital channel was presented to the wide public.

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