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Iranian actress might get into trouble for another controversial film – VIDEO

golshifteh farahaniBeautiful young Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani has recently completed a new war film titled “The Patience Stone”, in original – Syngue sabour. The film has been directed by Atiq Rahimi, based on his own novel.

Atiq Rahimi is a French-Afghan writer and film-maker. He was born in 1962 in Kabul to a senior public servant and attended high school in Lycee Esteqlal.

Following the Soviet invasion, Rahimi fled Afghanistan, taking refuge in Pakistan for a year and then relocating to France after receiving political asylum.

On completion of his studies at the Sorbonne, Rahimi joined a Paris-based production company where he produced seven documentaries for French television.

His film “The Patience Stone” takes place is Afghanistan, during war, when a female (Farahani) is taking care of her elder husband that has been shot, and as a result he is unable to move due to damages in his spinal cord.

As a result of this, his wife is forced to become a prostitute in order to earn money to support her children. In the middle of all this, she meets a young man, whom she seem to be attracted to.

The film’s trailer does show a couple of scenes that might look controversial to some viewers, yet none of them actually show Farahani nude or naked.

In some scenes, only the body is shown, which makes us believe a stunt-double was used. Nonetheless, those scenes might be enough for some to bash the actress for doing the film in the first place.

It seems like Farahani did not take seriously the previous problems she had with doing controversial scenes. Currently, Farahani lives in France, and does not plan on returning to Iran anytime soon.

In January 2012 Iranian authorities said she is no longer welcome in her homeland after she posed naked in a French news magazine as a symbolic protest against strictures on women.

“Madame Le Figaro” magazine published a nude photo of Farahani, and this attracted a wave of visitors to her Facebook page from Iran and the Middle East.

The Paris-based actress left Iran last year in protest against restrictive Islamic codes that the Iranian cinema industry has to follow under Ahmadinejad’s conservative cultural policies.

Now she said the government has sent a communication telling her not to travel back home.

“I was told by a Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guide official that Iran does not need any actors or artists. You may offer your artistic services somewhere else”, Farahani said.

Farahani appeared along Leonardo Di Caprio in the Hollywood film Body of Lies as a nurse who helps an injured American secret agent to recover to carry out his mission in a Muslim country.

In a few hours after the photo was published, Farahani has received thousands of comments from her fans on her Facebook page, with some blaming her for “indecency” and many admiring her for “the courage to remove a taboo among the women in the Muslim countries”.

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