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Iranian director prepares 70-episode TV series on prophet Moses

Iranian director Farajullah Salahshur, who is known for his religious movies, is preparing to shoot a 70-episode TV series about Prophet Moses (Musa), Iranian Fars agency reported.

Moses was, according to the Hebrew Bible and the Quran, a religious leader, lawgiver and prophet, to whom the authorship of the Torah is traditionally attributed.

He is considered an important prophet in Christianity and Islam, as well as a number of other faiths.

Salahshur said thus far about half of the script has been written under supervision and guidance from various religious leaders and advisers of Iran’s Qom province.

Salahshur said that according to statistics, Shiite religious films tend to attract a much wider audience, as these films are more interesting to viewers.

“These series would describe various aspects of the prophet’s life, and content of this story itself is very rich,” Salahshur, who is both writer and director of the film, said.

Based on the agreement signed with the Iranian state television channels, where the film will be showing once completed, Salahshur said the script would be fully done in about a year.

Earlier, Salahshur directed the film about the Prophet Yousuf  which tells the story of Prophet Yousuf from the Quran and Islamic tradition. The film achieved great success in the Muslim countries.

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  1. when will this movie be published

  2. According to the sources we have – it has to be at least a year. The film did not start shooting in October, and since it is a series, it will take longer than a usual full-feature film.

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