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Thoughts on IT (2017) and ideas for sequel


By Tim Tal

I can’t claim to be a die-hard fan of the original “IT” film, but it did leave a somewhat lasting impression on me, thanks to the “evil clown” image, of course.

This explains why I wasn’t thrilled about the story being remade, but since the film became such a big hit, and Stephen King himself approved it, I had to check it out.

Another reason to see it – the numbers. Backed by only a $35-million production budget, the film has grossed over $600 million worldwide (over $35 million domestically).

I won’t be bothering with a full review, will just point out some key moments that I paid attention to:

The original Pennywise (played by Tim Curry) was less scary, but a lot more vivid, alive and entertaining. This, of course, had to do with Curry’s acting. Meanwhile, the new Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård) is a lot more evil, at times even looking like a CGI creature. I guess it fits better with today’s audience.

What doesn’t is that sometimes you can barely understand what the new Pennywise is saying (given that Bill Skarsgård is from Sweden), compared to Tim Curry’s portrayal of the character.

The IMDb states that Skarsgård is 6’4, while Tim Curry was 5’9 when playing Pennywise, but in the 2017 film, our evil clown doesn’t look that big, even compared to the kids.

If there’s anything where the new Pennywise wins – it’s the costume. It fits a lot better with the clown’s backstory, showing how his outlook hasn’t changed since the 1600’s (IMDb). Sadly, the backstory itself never fully made it to the film.



By the way, since the “IT” sequel seems like a lock already, it could’ve been interesting to see the shape-shifting Pennywise terrorize the kids back in the 1600’s. Such a move was done in the “Tremors” film series, and it paid off well.

As for the special effects, the new film of course surpasses the original 1990 film by a mile, thanks to technology. The new film also has enough gore and blood – something the original lacked.

In any case, it seems that we will be expecting a sequel, but it seems to me that making an obvious film about the same kids growing up only to face Pennywise again 27 years later, won’t pay off. Besides, the big question is what would the group face – what kind of monster? In the original, it was a giant spider. What would it be this time?

Maybe it’d be better to go back, and show how it all started.

Think: “Pennywise: the beginning”.

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