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James Lew “had crazy fun” working with former WWF superstar Ultimate Warrior

warrior-wwe-2k14Earlier today, famous martial artist, Hollywood stuntman and actor, James Lew shared some information on his latest work with legendary WWF Superstar, the Ultimate Warrior.

We’ve reported on our Facebook page back on July 9 that Lew is working with the Warrior, however at the time no details were available. Now, James Lew has shared some details regarding the commercial.

“I had crazy fun last week coordinating this commercial with WWE wrestling legend “ULTIMATE WARRIOR” for the new video game,” Lew said, referring to the WWE 2K14 wrestling game.

Below is a video commercial with the Warrior, still looks like he could break half of the current WWE roster in half. James Lew said “the video was was just released on Monday”.

“If it hits 1 million by Friday I will get a big bonus!,” Lew added on his Facebook page.

While Warrior is set to make an appearance in the upcoming game, there’s a catch – those gamers looking to play as the Ultimate Warrior can only obtain him as a pre-order bonus for “WWE 2K14.”

In the promotional spot, the Ultimate Warrior is seen walking through the 2K headquarters talking about the game, and scaring, slapping and throwing employees across the 2K offices.


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