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Jean-Claude Van Damme visits Turkey, sends message to Turkish people – photo

Hollywood action star Jean-Claude Van Damme visited Turkey a few days ago, and was informed about the earthquake in Van province.

Van Damme posted a message on his fan page, adressing the Turkish people. This is what he had to say:

“Days ago, I was visiting your beautiful country, and it made me so sad to hear the news about the earthquake that hit Van City.

I am deeply sorry for your loss and I just want to say that I believe in the strength of Turkish people and I pray that you will pass this tragedy through your faith and strength.

Please stay strong. All my prayers go for you.”

In the meantime, death toll as a result of the devastating earthquake, which hit the Turkish southeast Van Province on Oct. 23, has reached 500 plus people. Previously, 481 people were reported to die as a result of tremors, which forced 7.2 on the Richter scale.

Local seismologists predict that the death toll can climb to 500-1,000 people. Below is a photo of Van Damme, while in Turkey. I suppose it was a quick visit, as Van Damme is now supposed to be back in Bulgaria, to continue filming “Expendables 2”.

Personally, I’ve gained a lot of respect for Van Damme in the couple of months. First, I am very glad he accepted the part in “Expendables 2”, and is ready to get his youknowwhat kicked by Stallone.

I am also thankful to him that he gave me an exclusive interview. And, he seems to care about his fans in Turkey as well, since he posted the above message in both Turkish and English.

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  1. Van Damme is a very very very caring person. He is a real hero onscreen and in real life! I witnessed myself so many events where he helps other souls. He loves the world and he deserves all the love in the world back.

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