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Iranian “Prophet Yousuf” film in talks to be dubbed for Indian TV

prophet-yousufIranian 2008 film “Prophet Yousuf” is in talks to be dubbed and shown on Indian TV, as BZFilm has learned from a source.

The CPTM (Center for Peace and True Message) will be working with the Iranian side to acquire a copy of the film, for further dubbing it into Indian language.

“After we acquire the film’s copy, it wil lbe dubbed into the local language by the CPTM (Center for Peace and True Message) organization,” the source told BZFilm.

“This organization strives to gather all religious people under one platform. This film can help us to spread Islamic message in India,” the source said.

“This film has been well directed, and it is not much deviated, or mislead,” the source said, explaining why this particular film was chosen. “It is planned to show it on Indian TV, after the dubbing is complete. However, there is no date set yet.”

“Prophet Yousuf” has been directed by Iranian director Farajullah Salahshur, who is known for his religious movies.

“Prophet Yousuf” tells the one of the most beautiful, impressive and dramatic stories of Quran. Joseph (Yousuf Payambar), the prophet of God, is born in one of cities of Mesopotamia. His beauty and qualifications makes him the center of attention, and this is what makes his brothers envy him.

In October 2012, Salahshur was reportedly working on another religious movie.

To be exact, it was a 70-episode TV series about Prophet Moses (Musa). He is considered an important prophet in Christianity and Islam, as well as a number of other faiths.

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