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Six interesting facts about “Killing Gunther” (2017)

“Killing Gunther” is crazy on a few levels, and it really doesn’t clearly fit into any categories. It’s action, comedy, and there’s a film crew following the characters around. This is by no means a great film, but memorable, for unknown reasons.

On the other hand, there is stuff here that should be seen (or heard) to be believed. Full review of the film is available here.

Check below for some interesting facts on “Killing Gunther”:

– Make sure you stick around for the end credits… to hear Schwarzenegger SING an actual song during these ending credits. Hopefully, this won’t happen again.

– While Arnold doesn’t get much of screen time, he does get into a fight… where he tears a door off a fridge! Watch the film to see the rest.

– Schwarzenegger repeats a few of his classic lines from his “Predator”, “Terminator” movies here.

– Arnold also speaks some German here and the film actually shows the village of Graz (Austria), not far from where Schwarzenegger was born.

– This is Taran Killam’s directorial debut. According to IMDb, he left “Saturday Night Live” to complete this film.

– Arnold gets to dress into women’s underwear… and shoot a bazooka!

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