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Van Damme has to pass the torch. To Van Damme…

By Tim Tal

Jean-Claude Van Damme, despite his age, still manages to deliver action to die-hard fans. That’s what we love him for. At least one generation of kids grew up watching him scream at the top of his lungs, do beautiful splits in low motion and defeat the bad buys, despite all odds.

Since then, he has moved on, staying away from the wild lifestyle filled with drugs, alcohol and needless arrogance. He’s still around, he’s still making movies. And he has stayed in shape, unlike some of his fellow martial arts stars.

But time spares no one, and one day the time will come when Van Damme will have to pass the torch. To Van Damme. Kris Van Damme. His son. If there is one thing Jean-Claude ever did right – he got his son involved in filmmaking, acting in particular, and today Kris Van Damme shows a lot of potential.

Kris resembles his father a lot. But he’s younger, taller, knows martial arts and has the charisma that is yet to be unleashed on screen in full. For him, the time is now.

Thus far, Kris has been appearing in different parts in films of his father, which itself is a great move, as he is able to bypass a lot of things the elder Van Damme had to fight for. The son of an action legend is learning the ropes through a much more smooth experience.

It seems that both studios and independent producers are sleeping on Kris Van Damme, who needs a break, a vehicle he could call his own, and carry on from there. Since he’s fighting his own father already (see – Kill’em All, 2016), why not let him go on his own?

Meanwhile, Jean-Claude could consider, maybe, stepping behind the camera, and directing his son? After all, Van Damme did direct several movies, and they weren’t that bad.

The younger Van Damme needs to pick up the pace. He’s getting great free promotion through his father, so this, in one way or another, has to lead to bigger things.

Since we don’t have that many true action stars around, and the likes of Van Damme, Lundgren, Statham and others are not getting any younger, Kris Van Damme seems like just the right candidate to step up. Van Dammage should continue…

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