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Legendary martial artist Cynthia Rothrock to star in MMA movie

It looks like legendary martial artist and action star Cynthia Rothrock will be appearing in a mixed martial arts movie.

The film is titled “Badass Showdown”, as you can see on the poster on your left, and it is directed by David DeCoteau.

DeCoteau himself shared the poster on his Facebook page, and also said that the film will be available on VOD and DVD in April of 2013.

Rothrock said that she would be playing a manager of an MMA team. Judging by the poster, it can be assumed that Rothrock would be managing a team of teens that train to for some big tournament.

BZFilm previously reported that Rothrock has already made a film with David DeCoteau, titled “Santa’s Summer House”, with her fellow martial arts stars Gary Daniels and Daniel Bernhardt.

It seems like “Badass Showdown” would be the second collaboration between Rothrock and DeCoteau, who is not really known for making martial arts movies.

The poster cover does not feature any more famous martial artists besides Rothrock, so it is safe to say there probably will not be any.

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  1. Hi, Cynthia Rothrock and Matthias Hues were in Russia recently. Do you know any new Matthias Hues movies? I like to see interview with Matthias.

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