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Light at the end of the tunnel for Tony Jaa

tony-jaaWhen was it the last time you, martial arts fans, heard about Tony Jaa making another film? It has been quite some time for sure.

Despite that IMDb only lists “The Protector 2” as Jaa’s in-development project, it looks like the Thai action star might soon find himself in a rather nice company of not only Jean-Claude Van Damme, but Dolph Lundgren as well.

About two months ago it was reported that Jaa has at least two more film projets getting ready to be taken off the ground, one of which involved Van Damme, who confirmed it himself via his Facebook.

Since then nothing has been reported as of yet, however just today Dolph Lundgren shared a photo of himself on Istagram, with the following commentary:

“Getting ready for my Cowboy look for my next movie in Thailand with Tony Jaa”.

If taking Lundgren as a trusted source, it seems like the “Lundgren-Jaa” movie might start shooting earlier than the “Van Damme-Jaa” film.

Jaa himself wins either way. Seeing several more “The Protector” films might become annoying for Jaa fans, sooner or later. Thus, Jaa needs to expand. And “Lundgren-Jaa” or “Van Damme-Jaa” movies are exactly what he needs.

At this point in his career, after the not-so-great sequels of Ong Bak, joint film projects with either Van Damme or Lundgren could just be that push Jaa needs for another “run”. Hopefully, more details on these unknown projects will be revealed soon.

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