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Long time no see: A new basketball documentary coming up

Now this is something I haven’t seen in a long long time – an NBA documentary. I used to be a die-hard fan of the NBA (yep, even played myself for 7-8 years, as an amateur).

After Utah Jazz lost to the Bulls in 1998, my interest started to decline, and eventually I stopped following every new season of the league.

So, back to the news – new NBA documentary “Elevate”, which chronicles basketball dreams of West African teens is reportedly set to hit the theaters on October 21, in New York. This will be a limited release.

The film itself was directed by Anne Buford, and is being distributed by Variance Films. “Elevate” will get a wider opening in Los Angeles and other cities across America on November 4th.

The film tells the story of struggle of 4 teens, who want to make their basketball dreams to become a reality.

They study at the SEEDS Academy in Dakar (Senegal), which the best basketball players from across West Africa attend, in order to take a strenuous program of academics and athletic training.

Top 4 students receive a scholarship to U.S. schools, where they can continue their education, and someday even get to NCAA or NBA.

So, “Elevate” has this story of 4 students, where they face challenges and difficulties upon their arrival to America (this includes cultural changes, different style of basketball play). The documentary aims to challenge the viewers’ conception of Africa, America and athletes.

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