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Lundgren to team up with Couture, Vinnie Jones for LA crime thriller

Dolph Lundgren might be joining Randy Couture and Vinnie Jones for the crime thriller set in Los Angeles.

Currently, Giorgio Serafini is in talks to direct “Rush”, which is the title of the film, according to MovieHole.

Serafini previously directed “Game of Death” with Wesley Snipes, Gary Daniels and Zoey Bell, so he would fit right in for this kind of film.

The Voltage Pictures production has enlisted Randy Couture, Lundgren’s co-star in “The Expendables” films, and Vinnie Jones for roles in the film.

The deals with Serafini and the actors are being made, and the official announcement on the film is expected to be made sometime later this week.

The movie, said to be in the tradition of “To Live and Die in L.A.”, which would be a sexy, action-packed crime thriller in which the people and places of Los Angeles are as much a focus of the film as the action sequences will be.

Aside from “Rush”, Dolph Lundgren has a set of other projects lined up, one of which is science-fiction actioner “Battle of the Damned”, then there’s thriller “Repeater” with Michael Jai White, and also “Tomb of the Dragon” with Scott Adkins.

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