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Mark Dacascos visits Tashkent, gets blown away by Uzbek woodwork

Hollywood actor Mark Dacascos was among many other celebrities who attended the “Style.Uz Art Week” last week in Uzbekistan. It was the first time Dacascos visited Uzbekistan.

The “Style.Uz Art Week” was held in Uzbekistan’s capital of Tashkent from October 4-9.

“I’m leaving for Tashkent this week and I’m very excited. I’ve been to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, but this will be my first trip to Uzbekistan,” Dacascos said on October 2 on his Facebook page, prior to leaving.

The “Style.Uz Art Week” hosted a lot of events during six days, such as: concerts, fashion shows, various workshops, exhibitions, and so on.

According to Uzbek media outlets, as many as 500 local and international guests attended a charity gala dinner followed by an auction that raised funds in support of breast cancer patients in Uzbekistan. The dinner and auction was hosted by Russian actor Vladimir Beryozin and actress Yelena Zaharova.

Aside from Mark Dacascos, the event was attended by such famous cinematographers as Egor Konchalovsky, Menahem Golan, film critic Philipp Bergson, Russian actor Gosha Kutsenko, and also diplomatic envoys, representatives of international organizations, Uzbek culture and art professionals, doctors, breast cancer patients and journalists.

Just today, Dacascos decided to share his expressions of Uzbekistan, and it seems like the action star has enjoyed his stay in Tashkent. He even promised to share some pictures.

“I had an incredible time in Uzbekistan. The people, with their open hearts, big smiles, and passion (especially for their culture and history), made me feel very welcomed, and the food was delicious and healthy,” Dacascos said on his Facebook page on October 11.

He added that he also watched some martial arts demonstrations, and was very impressed by the local students.

“I also gave a q&a session at a drama school about my continuing journey as an actor and thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with the students,” Dacascos wrote. “I also attended the closing ceremony of the Tashkent Film Festival, and watched fashion shows featuring traditional Uzbek designs by up and coming and very talented Uzbek designers”.

Dacascos mentioned that he was “in constant awe” of the Uzbek woodwork, and expressed his gratitude to the people of Uzbekistan and the organizers.

“Style.Uz Art Week” is the most high-profile cultural event in Central Asia, which is aimed at helping develop modern and traditional Uzbek fashion and art.

Now in its seventh year, the project brought together a large number of guests from across the world in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan and a city where the past blends with the present. The major week-long event was held annually in October and presents both art and high fashion.

Style.Uz Art Week annually offers a diverse art menu of traditional and contemporary art exhibitions, photo exhibitions, catwalk shows by Uzbek and international fashion designers, National Dress Festival, film shows, theater plays, charity events, as well as concerts by world-famous pop stars, cocktail parties, master classes by celebrities and meetings with the youth.

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