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Martin Kove recalls filming “The Karate Kid”

martin-koveVeteran actor Martin Kove, who portrayed the cult villainous karate instructor John Kreese in “The Karate Kid” has recently reunited with his former co-stars at Comic Con in New York and recalled some of the memories of working on that film.

Kove in particular recalled that he got the part of John Kreese by verbally attacking the film’s director John Avildsen, Yahoo reported.

“John Avildsen saw my picture and said, ‘We don’t want him.’ I got another shot and they liked me and sent me the script,” said Kove.

Kove recalled that he was originally given a week to work on the script, but the very next morning he got a call, urging him to meet with Avildsen the same day. Since Kove didn’t read the script at the time, he was angry about the changed schedule.

“I hadn’t looked at it. I was really pissed off and I used all that venom,” he said. “The scene was ‘Mercy is for the weak’ and pacing up and down the dojo. So, my wife said to me, ‘Take all that venom out on these people.'”

“Bottom line was I berated John Avildsen,” Kove said.

“I told him he was such an a******* and I just beat him up verbally and he loved it. … I got the part.”

Despite that in the film Kreese can’t stand Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita), in real life the two actors kept in touch. Morita died in 2005, aged 73.

Morita was nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Miyagi, but didn’t win the award. The film also got nominated for the Golden Globe and Young Artist Awards.

“We would see each other about twice a year after the movie,” Kove recalled, adding that Morita was so much fun to be around.

“He was just rich and fun and hysterical. … He was just steadfast and strong, he was terrific. It’s a shame that a man like that has to go,” Martin Kove said.

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