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Action stars Matthias Hues, Alexander Nevsky presented “Black Rose”


On April 16, a day before the premiere, Russian bodybuilder, actor Alexander Nevsky presented his latest action thriller “Black Rose”.

Nevsky, who is also the governor of Tula, also directed the film (debut), and has gathered a rather impressive cast for his film: Adrian Paul, Robert Davi, Kristanna Loken, Matthias Hues.

Hues presented the film along with Nevsky. The action stars posed for photos, spoke with fans and signed autographs. Hues told the reporters that he liked working with Nevsky.

During production the big German, who is known for playing Russians in his films, said that he had trouble learning Russian on set. Hopefully, this wasn’t a big deal.

The story of the film follows a Russian detective (Nevsky) who is sent to Los Angeles, to help the local officials to catch a killer. He pairs with a female detective, and the hunt for the killer begins.

“Black Rose” is a production of Alexander Nevsky‚Äôs own Los Angeles-based company Hollywood Storm.

Previously it was reported that the rights for the film are planned to be sold to Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Poland, China, India, Brazil and South Korea.






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