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Should Mel Gibson and Steven Seagal really be in Expendables 3?

expendables-3It has not yet been announced officially. However, online media outlets report citing Bulgarian news sources that both Steven Seagal and Mel Gibson have been cast in the third chapter of Sylvester Stallone’s Expendables franchise.

The latest film of the series, directed by Patrick Hughes, is scheduled for release on August 15, 2014.

While a lot of the franchise fans reacted positively to the fact that Mickey Rourke will come back in “Expendables 3”, after not doing part 2, the situation doesn’t seem to be the same with Gibson and Seagal.

For now, whether Gibson and Seagal will star in the film remains a rumor. However, we can take a closer look at what possibly both Gibson and Seagal can bring to the franchise, if they eventually are in the film.

Steven Seagal, for one reason, has deserved to be in the Expendables franchise, for his contributions to the action film genre in the 90’s. While the quality of his films has dropped significantly in the last 8-9 years, he still packs enough of star power to make an action film better and more marketable.

Despite that Seagal is not really in shape compared to other “Expendables” stars (Van Damme, Stallone), he does have his own unique style that the film could use. That is, if Seagal agrees to do a couple of fight scenes without fast cuts and 20 stunt doubles.

Mel Gibson on the other hand, despite his controversy, remains a true talent, and an actor that is capable of pulling off pretty much any role. He’s scheduled to appear in Robert Rodriquez’ “Machete Kills”, playing the villain, and I personally couldn’ve been happier for him.

If casted in “Expendables 3”, also as a villain (as the news sources claim), Mel Gibson will likely have a much bigger part than Eric Roberts had in “Expendables” and Van Damme in “Expendables 2”.

Some people can of course disagree here, but personally, I think that guys like Rutger Hauer, Ray Liotta and Dwayne Johnson are the ones that “Expendables” franchise could use, if the deal with Seagal and Gibson goes wrong.

By Moon Lee

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