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Michael Jai White and “Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown” – VIDEO

Being a big fan of Michael Jai White, I try to follow his career as much as I can. Basically, roughly…there are two types of men in movies, one is a hulking tough guy type who can fight his way out of anything, he’s also a martial artist, he’s a new Rambo in the making.

The other type is Al Pacino or Robert De Niro. As for me, I believe MJ White could have easily been where Jason Statham is now…

Now, MJ White is not up there with Pacino and De Niro yet, but he’s just that rare actor that fits in both of those categories that I mentioned:We’ve seen him in both low-budget action movies and martial arts films (Ballistic, Blood & Bone, Undisputed 2) and also in movies you wouldn’t think a guy like him be starring in (Why did I get married, Black Dynamite, Breakfast of Champions).

In my book he’s in the same “circle” (as Google+ would put it) as Eric Roberts, Mickey Rourke, Jack Scalia, Jeff Wincott and a few more. These guys can do action, and they can ACT when its necessary.

Anyway, I just checked out the trailer for one of MJ White’s upcoming movies – “Never Back Down 2 – the Beatdown” – and it looks fantastic. You can take a look at it below. The film also stars other martial artists and fighters, that the fans of MMA and UFC are familliar with.

Somehow, MJ White reminds me of Billy Blanks – imho the first black american who took the action category of B-movie world by storm. Oh, and if “Spawn” and “Batman Dark Knight” are the only 2 movies you’ve seen MJ White in, do yourself a favor and watch “Black Dynamite” – that’s something entirely different.

Trailer for “Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown”

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