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Nick Nicholson passes away…

About 3 months ago, I interviewed James Gaines (you can read the interview here), one of the american actors who settled down in Philippines in the 80′s, and made a successful film career there.

Approximately at the same time I asked Nick Nicholson for an interview (who, in fact, appeared in many movies with Gaines, and from what I know was good friends with him). Nicholson was well-known in Philippines, and appeared in about 60 movies there.

Nicholson was a very down to earth guy, at least that’s what I thought when we were talking. At one point, he got very surprised, that someone in Azerbaijan really watches these old philippino action movies.

3-4 days later, Nicholson vanished, and was never seen again. At first I thought, he just changed his mind, and didn’t want to talk to me anymore (although he promised to do the interview, and I even sent him the questions).

But, couple of days ago, I (accidentally) found out, that Nicholson passed away. Some guys on a movie forum were discussing a movie, where Nicholson appeared, and mentioned him.

I didnt get it back then, and decided to check. And, unfortunately, both James Gaines, and Max Thayer (another actor, friend of Nicholson, I suppose) confirmed the sad news.

I never knew Nicholson, yet I felt sad, because had I asked him to do the interview couple of days earlier, he might have done it. Very sad. Rest in Peace.

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