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No more reality shows: Steven Seagal to become a real cop

We all know Steven Seagal as an aikido master, an action star, a buddhist, and a musician.

Now, Seagal reportedly wants to try himself out as a real cop. Imagine you’re trying to cross the Rio Grande from Mexico into west Texas, and all of a sudden you get your ass kicked and arrested by the newly sworn-in Hudspeth County Sheriff’s Deputy and action film star Steven Seagal. Would you still ask for an autograph?

Currently, Seagal is starring in an A&E Network reality show detailing his experiences as a reserve deputy in New Orleans.

According to Reuters, Seagal  was sworn in this week for the position in Hudspeth County, which runs along the Rio Grande east of El Paso. The action star himself was not available for any comments.

A source told Reuters, that Seagal isn’t “doing this for publicity. He has a sincere passion for his home country, and he wants to help. He will make a significant contribution to this office and to our community.”

Sure, even if it ain’t being done for publicity, there surely will be some. In my opinion, its kind of hard to become “a usual cop, who just tries to help because he loves his country” if you’re a film star by the name of Steven Seagal.

Hudspeth County, population 3 400, is on the front lines of border issues ranging from illegal immigration to drug gangs. Reportedly, Two reality TV shows focusing on the border are being filmed in the county. Seems like Seagal wants a piece of this cake on his plate.

Another local source said this: “Seagal understands this issue that we have down here on the border. His help with his training and what he can help show our deputies and what he can show us here, I think he’ll make a tremendous contribution.”

Seagal is expected to report for his duties in January. The exact nature of his duties are still being worked out.

I don’t know what is the real reason why Seagal wants to do this. Maybe, its because there has been a lot of negative stuff written about him in the press in the last couple of months.

Maybe, one wants to “become a real cop and help his country, show off his patriotism” after not being casted in “Expendables 2” (and as we know, Seagal is not in the movie, probably due to the fact that he doesn’t have good relations with Jean-Claude Van Damme and film’s producer Avi Lerner).

Anyway, if Seagal wants to do this, who are we to judge him. I am nut sure that being 59 years old, and in his physical conditions, he can do good in the field of duty. However, people dive into patriotism for various reasons. I am sure Seagal has his reasons.

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