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Phillip Rhee working on new martial arts film

phillip-rheeMartial artist, who is mostly known for leading roles in the “Best of the Best” film series, Phillip Rhee is reportedly working on a new movie.

Yesterday Rhee shared some information on his Facebook page, looking for possible extras for his new film.

“If you want to be a volunteer in my film and see how I make movies, here is your chance. We will be shooting next week in Los Angeles…,” Rhee said.

He also hinted on what kind of a film he’s working on.

“The movie I’m making is called the “Underdogs” which is a cross between “Bad News Bears” meets “The Karate Kid”. Its Best of the Best with some amazing kids!,” he wrote.

Rhee did not say what part does he have in the film, or whether he is acting in it at all. He was not available for comments.

Unlike his brother Simon Rhee, who is also a martial artist, and who has been busy doing stunt work, fight choreography and small roles in all kinds of movies, Phillip Rhee has not been in the spotlight since 1998, when he made “Best of the Best 4”.

Both Phillip and Simon have starred in the original “Best of the Best” film, and its sequel.

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