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Pillow-fighting championship web-series establish Indiegogo fundraiser for finale

Back in September, the creators of the pillow-fighting web-series “Sweet Fever”  Oliver Brackenbury and Mark Zanin spoke to BZFilm in an interview, telling about their project.

Just recently, the same duo has set up a campaign on IndieGoGo to raise money for the finale of the “Sweet Fever” web series.

There’s also a new mini-episode right there on the fundraiser page.

As Oliver Brackenbury told BZFilm, if there is enough of money raised, there will also be a “Sweet Fever” mini-comic created.

“Sweet Fever” is really a unique creation by itself. The story features a woman who tries to save her candy store from going out of business, and the only way to do it – is to fight her way up to the top in the professional pillow-fighting federation.

The finale features the woman’s big try-out fight as well as the resolution of story threads that develop over the first five episodes, which you can watch at

Read the complete interview with “Sweet Fever” creators here. The fundaraiser of “Sweet Fever” can be viewed here.

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