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Poll says online UK film services at saturation point

on-demandUK’s market for content on demand film services may be reaching a saturation point, the latest YouGov poll says, Screen Daily reported.

Roughly 3,600 consumers were talked to, and according to the study, 33 percent of online users in UK used digital film services in the last 3 months.

Most used LoveFilm (27 percent), followed by Sky Movies (19 percent), Netflix (12 percent), and Youtube (10 percent).

According to the study, among those who did not use on-demand services, only 5 percent plan to start watching film “on demand” in the next 12 months.

The study further says that around 83 percent of users said they are unlikely to access such services in the period of next year.

Market Researcher YouGov has suggested that instead of looking for new audiences to generate growth and revenue, online film services should be shifting the strategies, and look to maximise what they get from existing customers.

The key problem that remains is piracy, which is growing in particular among the younger internet users, aged 12-15.

These users are more likey to download unathorized content, and according to the survey, these users are less likely to understand the consequences that may follow the dowloading of content illegally.

The online survey is YouGov’s first content-on-demand study, which will assess the market every six months.

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