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Producer: Undisputed 4 should shoot in Spring, unless Scott Adkins wants more money

Undisputed_3_Redemption_2010A few days ago at the premiere of the “Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear” film of Issac Florentine, starring Scott Adkins and Sho Kosugi, new details on the long-awaited “Undisputed 4” have emerged.

According to Twitch Film, during the Q&A session, a fan asked a question that what film would come out first – “Ninja 3” or “Undisputed 4”.

Adkins, clearly unsure how much he was allowed to say in public, simply paused and smiled at the crowd.

Producer Frank De Martini came to the rescue, he picked up the microphone, and said that “The Undisputed 4 script is being written right now by David White and it should shoot in the spring. Unless Scott wants too much money.”

Assuming Adkins understands wha Boyka’s character means for his action film career, and how fans are expecting this character back, it is safe to say that “Undisputed 4” will eventually be made.

It also should be noted that Marko Zaror (villain of Undisputed 3) was in the audience for the screening and responded to a question that both Adkins and Florentine would like to work with him again.

In 2012, at the première of “Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning”, Adkins told CraveOnline that he would want to call the fourth film “Boyka: Undisputed IV”, because now it is out of the jail setting.

““Boyka’s out of prison. It’s onto the next step of his life. I think people know the character Boyka so well now anyway that you could just go Boyka: Undisputed IV,” Adkins said at the time.

““I’ve got some ideas of who I’d like to see in a film as the main villain, but I don’t want to say yet. I don’t want to say just in case things change. I need the green light and the go ahead,” Adkins said.

In 2011 it was reported in Impact Magazine that in the fourth installment of the franchise, Boyka (Adkins) could launch an attempt to start a new life, after the finale of the third film, where viewers see him vanishing with a bad of money.


Do you have your own ideas of what “Undisputed 4” should be like. You might want to check out Undisputed 4: Film ideas and Development, to see if we’ve got that already.

Otherwise, keep waiting for more from Florentine-Adkins tandem, which has yet to disappoint the martial arts fans.

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