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Proof: Lesser known actors don’t get any credit…

Nevsky (left) and Paul practicing on set of Moscow Heat

There was this very tiny article in a Russian “TV PARK” entertainment magazine lately, about Adrian “Highlander” Paul coming to Moscow on the invitation from Alexander Nevsky – russian bodybuilder, actor and producer.

Paul and Nevsky participated in the grand opening of the so-called “bodybuilding encyclopedia”. According to the magazine, Adrian Paul will tell about “how to keep yourself fit”.

“I’ve been training for over 20 years now, however not in bodybuilding, but in martial arts. I have to admit, that for the past couple of years I’ve been training less, due to the fact that my daughter was born,” said Paul.

Later, he posed for photographs with the fans. The evening was finished with a movie, where Nevsky and Paul acted together.

I’ve seen some Adrian Paul movies, but never seen him doing martial arts. If he’s been doing it for 20 years, might have gone to become an action hero, he’s got the looks and can act. He didnt…I wonder why.

This is the info that the magazine had. Come on, I am not a professional journalist (yet have been working as one for the past 3 years), but that’s no way to write about an event, even briefly.

First of all, what is this “bodybuilding encyclopedia”? A website? A new TV-show? A book? No info is given, and we don’t have a clue where Adrian Paul is supposed to give these tips on how to stay in shape.

While magazine points out that Paul was invited by Nevsky (who is quite popular both in Russia and beyond), there isn’t a single picture of them together (yet they attended the same event). Lastly, nothing is said about this “movie, where Paul and Nevsky acted together”.

Maybe, I am a fan, and I’d like to know about this movie, maybe watch it, how do I know what to look for? Is it an old movie? Is it a new one? Do I have to run to IMDB to find out?

If you’re curious: The film was called “Moscow Heat”, with Nevsky playing the main part, and the film was shot in 2004 (yes, I saw it, wasn’t anything special, weak, forgettable action flick).

The point of the article is that some don’t respect the lesser known actors. I mean if it aint Willis or Reeves or Gibson, doesn’t mean you can’t write down a movie name, or give some additional information on the covered event. Sad.

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