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Re-watching “The Expendables” and making some notes

I remember when I couldn’t find myself a place to sit, I was so excited about the upcoming Sylvester Stallone action blockbuster “The Expendables”.

I even remember I found some blog run by a woman (sadly do not remember the blog title, or woman’s name), who worked on the set of “Expendables” and had the “news from the first source” so to speak. It was great to actually feel the atmosphere the movie was being shot in.

So, the film was released, I watched it, and I was almost completely satisfied. Why almost? Because there were some moments that could have been a lot better.

After talking to Gary Daniels for example, he spoke to me a little about his part in the film, and he shared some stuff with me, that he asked not to publish, so I’ll keep my word.

Anyway, the sequel is coming up, and we already heard that some new faces will be appearing in the film, such as Jean-Claude Van Damme (who actually stated this in his interview), and Tom Sizemore, who reportedly said this at one of the conventions. Nice!

And, yesterday, I re-watched “Expendables” again, and I feel like i should note some things (both positive and negative) below:

1. No disrespect towards Sly, but he’s getting old. He still can do action movies, but, of course, it doesnt look as good as it used to. Same can be said about Schwarzenegger. Bruce Willis on the other hand still looks fresh.

2. My favourite “Expendable” is definitely Gunnar Jensen (played by Dolph Lundgren) – he’s nuts, he’s a drug addict, a loose cannon, and funny too. And, in my opinion, one of the coolest characters Lundgren portrayed throughout his career.

3. Before the release of the film, Gary Daniels stated his character in the movie “The Brit” is the head of security of General Garza’s army. In the movie we never see that, never understand that. Also, “Brit” seemed like the hardest to beat – it took a bullet in the knee, a knife to the back, and BOTH Jason Statham and Jet Li to kill of Daniels’ character. I wish they developed “the Brit” a little bit more.

4. Steve Austin was the real badass in the film. Ruthless, scary, powerful, not surprisingly Stallone wanted Austin again in “Expendables 2”.

5. I’d take Gisele Itie (Sandra) over Charisma Carpenter (Lacy) any day! If Itie would reprise her role in “Expendables 2” it would have been great. She definitely was a great addition to the first film. Most people claim this was a “manly” film, well, if so, even the manliest film needs some exotic beauties, and Gisele Itie is just that.

6. Eric Roberts and Mickey Rourke already starred together back in 1984 in “Pope of Greenwich Village”, been a long time for sure. It was nice to see them again in a movie together, although they dont have any scenes together. Both Rourke and Roberts prove that some actors can play almost anything.

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