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Remembering Richard Lynch…

IMDB says this movie villain was born in 1940. NY Times claim it was 1936. The point is, one of the most memorable movie villains, Richard Lynch is no longer with us, film fans.

Legendary actor was found dead on Tuesday June 19 in his home in Palm Springs California by one of his friends, actress Carol Vogel.

Lynch’s representative, Mike Baronas, revealed that Vogel stopped by the actor’s house in Palm Springs, California after not hearing from him in days, and found the actor lying on the kitchen floor.

Lynch’s spokesman, Mike Baronas told Fox411 in a statement: “It’s with deep sorrow that I learned……that my client and friend Richard Lynch was found dead at his home in Palm Springs, CA.”

Lynch was born in Brooklyn, NY. Future actor was one of seven children. Before starting a career as an actor, he joined the Marine Corps in 1958.

He served for 4 years where he made Corporal, and did a tour of the Mid-East with the Sixth Fleet.

Lynch began his training with Herbert Berghof and Uta Hagen at H.B. Studios in New York’s Greenwich Village, and later went on to train extensively with Lee Strasberg at Carnegie Hall. In 1970, he became a lifetime member of the Actors Studio and spent years in the NY theater community playing in dozens of on- and off-Broadway productions.

After that came the movies…where Lynch made a career for himself as a villain you wouldn’t want to meet under any circumstances, anywhere, ever.

Lynch’s menacing presence on screen had a lot to do with the facial scars he received in 1967, following an incident. That year after taking LSD (acid), he set himself on fire in Central Park behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. After recuperation, he bravely and candidly spoke about it in an anti-drug documentary.

Lynch needs no special introduction for those who enjoyed watching low-budget action and horror movies, although the veteran actor did have some roles under his belt that are familiar to mainstream film fans, such as “Scarecrow”, 1978’s TV series “Battlestar Galactica”, “The A-Team”.

Lynch’s career has spanned to 160 films and TV-series. Since he never locked himself into one particular move genre, there is at least a couple of Lynch’s films that everyone has seen.

In recent years Lynch appeared in Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” remake in 2007, and even produced two films himself (Corpses are forever in 2003, and Wedding Slashers in 2006).

However, here at BZFilm, we believe that Lynch had his peak in the movies, somewhere between 1985-1999, when he made his most memorable movies, such as “Cut and Run”, “The Barbarians”, “Invasion USA”, “Night Force”, “Trancers 2”, and so on.

Like any other B-movie actor, Lynch has a lot of very bad movies in his filmography. Yet, a good thing is, even in a bad movie, he was always a joy to watch.

Lynch might have been a lot of things, but he was never boring on screen. In the martial arts film “Death Match” (1994), Lynch has only scene, where he delivers a monologue about his great uncle, while being surrounded by a bunch of loyal goons, and shortly after, the whole company gets blown up. In the whole film, this is one of the memorable moments.

There of course are many other examples. Sadly, there will be no more new ones. Just like in 2011 we lost Charles Napier, this year we lost Richard Lynch. A movie villain that will be deeply missed. Rest in peace Richard, thank you for all the memories.

Richard was married twice, and he is survived by his second wife Lily Lynch and his brother, “Star Trek” actor Barry Lynch. Richard’s son from first marriage, Christopher, died in 2005 from pneumonia.

Okay…now it’s time to go through my film collection, and pick a Richard Lynch movie to watch.

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