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“Resident Evil” director Paul Anderson meets Azeri media in Baku

paul-ws-andersonHollywood director Paul W.S. Anderson has come to Baku within the framework of a project that is being created jointly with Azerbaijani mobile operator “Bakcell”.

“Bakcell” signed a contract with UK soccer club “Manchester United”, and Anderson is one of the authors of the advertising video that features the stars of the soccer team.

On January 17, Anderson held press conference in Baku, and talked to local journalists.

“The video lasts slightly longer than one minute, but a lot of hard work was put into it,” Anderson said. “I rarely work with advertising, only if the topic is interesting to me. The idea that Bakcell proposed to me seemed interesting, so I agreed to co-operate.”

Speaking of soccer, Anderson noted that although he is an avid soccer fan, “Manchester United” is not his favourite team.

Anderson did not forget to mention the Azerbaijani capital itself.

“Firstly, I would like to say that people in Baku are kind and hospitable. The capital of Azerbaijan is a beautiful city, which harmoniously combines modern buildings, such as the Flame Tower, and the buildings of past centuries – such as Icheri Sheher (the old city),” he said.

“I walked around Baku both during the day and at night, and every time Baku is beautiful in its own way,” Anderson noted.

In the end, speaking of the next “Resident Evil” film, Anderson noted that the script for the next installment is not yet ready, however he would have considered showing Baku in the film, if the opportunity presented itself.

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