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Rewatching “Point Break” (1991)

point-break-2By Moon Lee

Some films that were never really considered “that big” at the time of their release, actually seem to gain more value as the time goes on. In this particular case, we’re talking about Kathryn Bigelow’s “Point Break”.

“Point Break” is one of those films that you go back, re-watch it, and discover some things you didn’t see the first couple of times you watched it. In my case – I simply missed Anthony Kiedis – a gang member from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who has a minor role in the film.

Speaking of the leading stars, I have to say, Patrick Swayze simply outshines Keanu Reeves, who was to get better as the time went on. Swayze on the other hand was in top form and the “Bodhi” look fit him perfectly.

Another cast member that I simply can’t skip is Gary Busey – this is probably one of the best, smooth movie parts he has played in a big motion picture. Busey’s Angelo Pappas is so cool, you simply can’t dislike the guy. And the “car scene” with Busey’s evil laugh is hilarious in its own right.

“Point Break” is hard to describe as far as genres go. It screams “action”, but it’s also a drama and a thriller. But because its full of jokes, surfers, bikini babes and a great foot chase scene – we will leave it as “action”. One cool, intense, addictive action film.

The film looks just as good as I first seen it many years ago. The beach is still the same, the surfing is probably twice as popular, and the police still chases criminals all over America. Too bad Patrick Swayze is gone and Gary Busey is far from what he used to be, in every sense of the word.

Today, it would be impossible to make such a film with such a value and impact for the same amount of money, which at the time was $24 million, according to IMDb.

Oh yes, and I am super glad they didn’t settle for the “Johnny Utah” title for the film. I am sure Keanu Reeves wasn’t upset – he did get “Constantine” and “John Wick” years later.


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