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Ridley Scott to direct film about deadly concussion effects of football players

ridley_scottRidley Scott and producing partner Giannina Facio have been meeting with A-list writers for what he hopes will be the next film he directs.

Scott wants to create a drama focusing on the debilitating effects that concussions are having on sports heroes, and the role that league owners play in allowing it to happen.

His plan is to create a morality tale on that issue, much the way that Michael Mann’s The Insider took on the tobacco industry’s complicity in covering up the addictive and cancer-causing effects of cigarette smoking.

Scott is a big fan of sports including rugby and football, but he is going to focus on pro football. He has been moved reading all that has been written on athletes including former NFL stars Junior Seau and Dave Duerson, both of whom committed suicide after suffering chronic traumatic encephalopathy, with each making sure to leave his brain intact so it could be studied in the hope the results would help their gridiron brethren who also are suffering.

According to Deadline, football is a worthy subject for Scott’s camera. National Football League revenues have grown exorbitantly as has the value of television rights and franchises, and much has to do with showcasing the devastating collisions that take place all over the field.

Players hit like freight trains, and until recently they hid injuries. The business of concussions has only recently been taken seriously because of lawsuits.

Scott likes to follow a big project with a smaller one, much the way he directed The Counselor after Prometheus.

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