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Scarface-styled “Napoleon” movie being made

napoleonHistorical epic Napoleon is officially in development, with the big-screen biopic set to chart the legendary French military leader’s rise to power.

Weirdly however, the movie’s script is being described as similar in style to classic Brian De Palma gangster flick Scarface, THR reported.

Whether Napoleon will be shown snorting mountains of cocaine, and inviting enemies to say hello to his little friend, is as yet unclear.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders is now on board to helm the Warner Bros project.

Producer Gianni Nunnari was also behind stylish Spartan war movie 300, so perhaps we can expect a similarly liberal – yet fun – interpretation of history.

Napoleon Bonaparte was a brilliant general who rose to become Emperor Of France and conquered much of Europe, but was eventually defeated by his foes and sent into exile.

The Scarface comparison suggests a similarly dramatic rise and fall account may be in the offing.

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