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Six movies that could use a modern remake

hollywood-remakesThe studios are remaking “Robocop” and “Mad Max”. We’ve already seen the remakes of “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “The Hitcher”.

Some would say none of these films needed a remake. Others appreciate a new look on a story that has already been told. What other more or lesser known movies could use a remake? Here are a few titles.

The Park is Mine (1986) – in this little known TV movie, Tommy Lee Jones plays a Vietnam war veteran, who takes forceful control of Central Park to remember those who served and died in the Vietnam War. Based on a novel, “The Park is Mine” is quite a good film, the story of which could have easily been told using the present times.

The Addams Family (1991) – Come on, if “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” had a remake, why can’t the Addams Family get one? There’s no real need to tell you about “The Addams Family”, however one thing you should know – the film was a success at the box office, and it even got an Oscar nominee. Why not get some of today’s stars, and go for a remake?

Shocker (1989) – Not long ago, Wes Craven said it himself – he would’ve loved to remake his own film, due to the fact that special effects in the 1989 film were not so good. While “Shocker” might not be everyone’s favorite Craven film, it definitely could use a remake.

Bloodsport (1988) – Ah, there have been way too many rumors about this one, spread both by online media sources, and Jean-Claude Van Damme himself. Obviously, nothing has worked out, but the fact remains the same – there are never enough of good old-fashioned fighting movies.

Caligula (1980) – Despite high production values and great actors, the film telling the story of Roman emperor Gaius Caesar Germanicus, better known as Caligula, turned out to be rather disappointing. While such movies today may not have high commercial value, it would have been interesting to see a remake…with or without hardcore sex scenes.

Maniac Cop (1989) – No matter how cheesy or outdated, the film was entertaining. Robert Z’Dar made a name for himself, starring in the whole trilogy. A remake could expand the story of Matt Cordell (the maniac cop), showing his life both as a normal human cop, and after he became “the maniac cop”. Bruce Campbell could play the chief of police…

Let’s assume for a second that Hollywood studios are completely out of fresh ideas for new movies. What films do you think should get remade? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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