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So really, anyone excited about film on Hulk Hogan’s life?

hulk-hogan-premiereIt all started when in early August TMZ caught up with former WWF/WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan at the LaGuardia Airport airport, and asked him a bunch of questions.

Hogan at the time said there is going to be a film made on his life, he even said “it’s being worked on right now”. Then Hogan went on to reveal whom he wants to play himself in the film.

Then on August 12, Hogan sat down with Canadian The Cape Breton Post, where he revealed a bit more about the whole thing. “It’s not really true… What happened was, I was going through LaGuardia Airport … this guy asked me a bunch of dumb questions for TMZ and he goes, ‘Eh, when are they going to do a bio about your life?’ And I said, ‘It’s already in development.’ So now everybody’s rambling like it’s a feature film already,” Hogan told Cape Breton Post.

“But the truth is … two kids that are writers in L.A., hot young writers, they did a four-page treatment and I’m telling you they nailed it – they nailed it like they were living in my shoes – and I gave them the green light to go ahead and write the first pass. But that’s all it is,” he said.

So, according to Hogan, there’s no film yet, not even a complete script, just some “young hot writers” who were given green light by Hogan to write the screenplay, and then…probably wait for a studio to pick it up.

Speaking of who would be the best fit to play himself in the film, Hogan threw in a couple of names, one of which was his own son – Nick Hogan.

“”I said (Nick would) be perfect for it but I think we need a serious, serious actor that knows what he’s doing. You know who I thought would be good? That guy that did that action movie, Thor,” Hogan noted, refering to Chris Hemsworth.

So is anyone really interested in seeing the film on Hulk’s life? One thing for sure – it really is vivid, and provides a lot for the right writers to create something interesting, fitting for the screen.

hulk-hogan-ringThe first time news appeared on TMZ, there were very few kind comments regarding the possible “Hogan film” – people were calling the WWE hall of famer names, speaking about his “disfunctional family” and claiming no one will go to see the film anyway.

Like previously mentioned, Hogan’s life is vivid – he’s arguably the most popular wrestler in the world, he’s in the WWE Hall of Fame, he’s seen the best and fought the best, and it is safe to say that his “Hulkamaniacs fan base” spans way over the US – which means a lot of people would be interested in seeing the film, especially if Chris Hemsworth agrees to portray Hogan.

On the other hand, there is quite some “dirty laundry” as well – Hogan’s family drama, his differences with the WWE, and so on. Would he want this to be in the film as well? Highly unlikely.

Still, if the rumors ever get to become a project that Hogan was talking about, it shouldn’t just be a “film about Hulk Hogan”.

It should be a solid-budgeted film, about one of the most popular wrestlers of our time – and that includes a lot of people potraying people with whom Hogan worked in the business through the years.

Anyway, to make a long story short – if scripted right, with right actors – the film would probably be very worth watching. Thanks to Hogan for having such a crazy life, both inside and outside of the ring.

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