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Sony Pictures to make a Steve Jobs biopic?

Steve Jobs is all over the news. Steve Jobs is everywhere. I don’t think you were surprised by the headline of this post. What’s to be surprised about?

This would have happened anyway, Steve Jobs passes away, and some movie studio (in this case, Sony Pictures) decides to make a biopic on him.

Reportedly, the biopic is to be based on Walter Isaacson’s upcoming authorized Steve Jobs biography.

Supposedly the studio is working on a deal that would give it the film rights to the book that is set for release later this very month. Sony Pictures is also the same studio behind last year’s “The Social Network” – the Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg movie.

Why is this happening?

Well, first of all, its about money. No matter what others think. It is about cashing in. “The Social Network” was a hit. Sony Pictures cashed in on Mark Zuckerberg and his creation.

Here we have Steve Jobs (who, in my opinion is bigger than Zuckerberg, sorry Mark), and people believe they can win a jackpot by doing a movie about Jobs. Rightfully so.

Another reason is that the amount of news about Job’s death shows how big he was, and if the studio can get those rights for the biopic, they’re gonna be getting a lot more attention than if they were doing another Steven Seagal in Romania action flick.

What people say?

What can they say, they are upset. Well, most of them. Some say, “as if the studios were just waiting for Jobs to die, so they could capitalize off it”, others already start thinking about who could portray Steve Jobs on screen (some say Noah Wyle, who did portray Jobs in a “Pirates of Silicon Valley” movie).

One thing is for sure, people will go, and they will watch the film, no matter how much they hate the actual idea of big studio making money on Steve’s death.

As far as the mentioned Steve Jobs book goes – it reportedly includes 2 years’ worth of interviews with Jobs and his family members and colleagues, and is now set to be released October 24th. The original date was November 21st, which was moved up from the “early 2012” time frame the publisher originally announced.

Although there have been other biographies about Apple’s iconic co-founder, who died this week, Isaacson’s has been billed as the first published with Jobs’ participation. Oh yes, the book is currently number ONE on Amazon’s list of best-selling books, based on pre-orders for title.

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