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Stallone talks “Creed”: I want to go back, do films like Cop Land and early Rocky

stallone-creedMany believed that Rocky 6 was the final chapter for Sylvester Stallone playing the aged boxer Rocky Balboa, however the actor has decided to “go one more round” with it, and “Creed” was born.

The action hero spoke to Speakeasy, where he revealed the reason for doing “Creed”. Stallone to play Rocky Balboa for the seventh time in the film.

“Creed” follows the story of grandson of Apollo Creed who gets into boxing despite his family’s wishes, and turns to Rocky for a mentoring relationship.

“I was very interested in the premise. It’s not “Rocky 7,” it’s not near that at all. Rocky is retired, kind of set adrift. He’s very lonely in his world. His life has gone by waiting for the inevitable,” Stallone said.

“The grandson of most beloved friend died in his arms and he was visiting him and this relationship starts. This person comes from an entirely different culture side of the world, and something happens that’s incredibly dramatic and profound. This is a drama, not me getting in the ring,” he added.

When asked why he decided to reprise the role of Rocky Balboa, Stallone said it would be something unique, “to be able to take this character and go another generation with it and still have him be vital and relevant.”

“I believe that the last film I did, “Expendables III” we took it to the max and I thought, there isn’t much further I can go with this. So I started to speak to the powers that be. I want to go back and do films like “Cop Land” and the early Rocky films. I’m not giving up the action film but now it’s a suspense movie, it’s a bit more emotional,” he explained.

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