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“Street Justice” star wants to get back into action

Bryan Genesse, an actor familiar to many because of his roles in action series “Street Justice” with Carl Weathers and TV-series “The Bold and the Beautiful” said he is ready to get back in action again.

The actor said it himself on his Facebook page, noting that he is physically ready to get back into the movie business.

“Over the past few months I have been offered work in some small film productions, but I felt I wasn’t quite ready to head back in,” Genesse wrote.

“However, that acting bug has a bite and it has started to itch again.”

Genesse said he has been away from movies for a couple of years because of an injury, that forced him to return back to his home Canada for treatment and surgery.

While away from acting, Genesse has been busy in the real estate business. Now, he seems to be willing do some action again.

“My body has healed. If you have a production Greenlit and you’d consider me for a role, let me know,” Genesse said. “I can act, fight choreograph and do what I used to do before I was injured. Feels good.”

Sounds good, considering that Genesse did star alongside some well-known action stars, and held his own.

In particular, those films include “Project Shadowchaser 2” and “Cyborg Cop 3” with Frank Zagarino, “Cold Harvest” with Gary Daniels, “The Circuit” with Olivier Gruner and Jalal Merhi.

True action fans would not mind watching a film, where a real estate agent makes his deals using martial arts, would they?

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