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Tony Jaa vs Dolph Lundgren in “A man will rise”

jaa-lundgrenDolph Lundgren is a workaholic – he continues to make one film after another. In this particular film – “A man will rise”, Lundgren not only plays a cowboy, he will also (probably) be going up against Tony Jaa.

Previous news about Jaa making a film with either Lundgren or Van Damme turned out to be true, partially.

According to TwitchFilm, Jaa is not making any film with Van Damme, who is about to start shooting “Swelter”.

Jaa however is making a film with Dolph Lundgren.

The film is an action film with comedy elements set in 1950’s Thailand. A local gangster terrorizes a town. When a young local man stands up to the gangster the villain brings in a group of foreign hit men who like to dress as cowboys to pacify the town. Ultimately only one man can rise up to bring them down and save the town.

As already mentioned, Lundgren plays a cowboy, which probably means he’d be the main villain going up against Tony Jaa, who finally be back on our screens in a hopefully worthy action film.

Another familiar face in the film is giant Conan Stevens, who already starred with Tony Jaa in “The Bodyguard 2” (2007).

Remembering Tony Jaa’s battles with Nathan Jones in “Tom Yum Goong”, we can expect more of the same from the Jaa-Stevens fight in “A man will rise”. Hopefully, Jaa will not be trying to use his acting skills, to make Lundgren and Stevens surrender…

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