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Top 10 horror films that help to burn calories…not

According to a new research, watching horror movies can have a positive effect on human health – it can help to burn nearly 200 calories at a time, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Viewers who put themselves through 90 minutes of adrenaline-pumping terror can use up as much as 113 calories, close to the amount burned during a half-hour walk and the equivalent to a chocolate bar.

The report was written by researchers at the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom. The study was commissioned by the British movie rental service LOVEFiLM.

It recorded the pulse, heart rate, oxygen intake, and carbon dioxide output of 10 subjects (albeit, a small sample size) as they watched hororr flicks and concluded that the resulting adrenaline-rush lowered their appetites and killed calories.

The research also revealed films featuring moments designed to make viewers jump in terror are the best calorie-burners, as they cause heart rates to soar.

Want to know the most calorie-burning movie? The research says the 1980 “The Shining” tops the list, with the average viewer using up a whopping 184 calories.

Spielberg’s “Jaws” took the runner-up spot, with viewers burning on average 161 calories, and “The Exorcist” came third, with 158 calories. So, according to the study, the top 10 calorie-burning films were:

1. The Shining: (184 calories)
2. Jaws: (161 calories)
3. The Exorcist: (158 calories)
4. Alien: (152 calories)
5. Saw: (133 calories)
6. A Nightmare on Elm Street: (118 calories)
7. Paranormal Activity: (111 calories)
8. The Blair Witch Project: (105 calories)
9. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: (107 calories)
10. [Rec]: (101 calories)

Can modern viewer actually be scared?

While the research itself is quite interesting, it does not mean that one can completely abandon various diets, excercising, and start watching horror movies in order to lose as much calories as possible.

Judging by the list, all of the horror movies there are well known horror movies, most of which do not pack that much of scares for the modern viewer.

Still, the study was probably oriented towards people who are not avid horror movie geeks, and can be actually scared by “Jaws”, or “Nightmare on Elm Street”.

As good as those movies are – their scare factor has diminished since the days of their release. It is doubtful, that those would work on a regular horror movie viewer.

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