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Top 20: Your favorite Hollywood movie cliches

It is really hard to find a movie that doesn’t have a cliche, something you’ve seen at least a dozen times before.

Sometimes these cliches frustrate, in other cases they’re so much fun. See below for 20 of the most popular cliches that Hollywood movies are so full of.


1. The girl always has the lipstick on, even if she’s in the shower or diving into the sea.

2. Every lock can be opened with a clip or a stud. Exceptions include scenes where “a child is locked in a burning house”.

3. Even if a car is going down a straight road, the driver still viciously twisting the wheel.

4. If you are being surrounded by several opponents, do not worry – they’re not going to attack you altogether – just wait till you defeat them all, one by one. However to make it look more real, they will be doing all these threatening movements around you.

5. All medieval and ancient people seem to have perfect nails and hairs.

6. If to cars smash, its an instant explosion.

7. A girl sleeping alone in a dark, haunted place, usually goes to “find out what is going on” wearing the sexiest underwear.

8. Kitchen usually has no light in the evenings. If a character needs light there, he/she simply opens the fridge.

9. German/SS officers do not have to speak German, however they do have to speak English with German accent all the time.

10. Every bomb or explosive device is designed with an indicator with big numbers, so you could see how much time has left till the explosion.

11. The Eiffel tower in Paris can be seen from ANY window.

12. Ventilation system of every building seems to be the best place to hide – no one is going to look for you there, and you can get to every part of the building through it.

13. Anyone can land a plane. Or if not, there’s always someone on board who can.

14. Best cops/agents/detectives usually get suspended from work, or are given 24 (48) hours to finish the case.

15. Male and Female characters in bed are always lying in the same positions: men are covered till waist, and women till their necks.

16. Best place to hide if you are being chased – mix with people in the parade. There is always some parade going on.

17. Foreigners still speak English, even if they’re alone.

18. Cops or detectives, usually visit a strip club at least once, no matter what investigation they’re working on.

19. Whenever a group of heroes end up in a forest or a haunted house, all of their phones are suddenly “out of network” and they never work. When they do however and a character manages to reach someone, he/she usually is about to get slashed/eaten/killed and so on.

20. Once the hero/protagonist overcomes his biggest obstacle, there’s always either a “the end” kiss, or he gets laid for his efforts.

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