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UK’s Asian Awards celebrate Bruce Lee

bruce-leeThe London-based Asian Awards will honour Bruce Lee with its Founders Award, according to Screen Daily.

The third-annual awards, held April 16 at the Grosvenor House, will see Lee’s wife Linda Lee Cadwell pick up the award.

2013 marks the 40th anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death.

“Bruce Lee was the first person of Asian descent to successfully crossover into Hollywood and make such a dramatic impact on western cinema,”  founder of The Asian Awards Paul Sagoo said.

“You can argue that if it wasn’t for Lee, Asian culture and martial arts would never have really penetrated western culture and we wouldn’t have the likes of Jackie Chan, Jet Li and now actors like Irfan Khan, who starred in Life of Pi,” he added.

Recently it was announced that QED International and banner Groundswell Productions will be presenting film fans with another Bruce Lee story, titled “Birth of the Dragon”.

The idea for the future film is inspired by the true-life duel between Lee and Wong Jack Man, who was China’s most famous kung fu Master.

The no-rules fight took place in San Francisco in 1965, when the city’s Chinatown was controlled by Hong Kong triads.

Writers Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen Rivele are using this true event as a jumping-off point for a wider-canvas action movie in which Wong and Lee team up to battle a band of Chinatown gangsters.

As for old Bruce Lee movies that he starred in, the 37th Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) which kicks off on March 17, plans to show a series featuring films produced by the Golden Harvest studio, including well-known Bruce Lee films.

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